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Maui’s Residential Property Sales: Mixed Trends with Promising Growth Despite Challenges

During this month of July, there have been noticeable changes in the sales volume for residential properties in Maui when compared to the same period in 2022. The figures show significant fluctuations in different regions:


  1. Kahului has experienced a decline of 32% in sales volume.


  1. Kihei has seen a decrease of 39% in sales volume.


  1. Lahaina has witnessed a substantial drop of 79% in sales volume.


  1. Conversely, Wailuku has seen a remarkable increase of 109% in sales volume.


  1. Overall, the entire Maui region has seen a positive trend with a 23% increase in sales volume.


Despite the favorable overall growth in the Maui region, there are some challenges in the housing market. Many buyers are still actively searching for homes, but the prices have reached a peak. This could be a contributing factor to the decrease in sales volume in some areas. Additionally, the high-interest rates might be influencing buyer decisions, leading to lower sales in certain regions.


Even though there are available homes for sale in the market, they seem to be staying on the market for extended periods, possibly due to the pricing issues. Some sellers are even reducing their asking prices to attract more buyers.


In summary, the sales volume for residential properties in Maui has experienced varied changes in different regions. While some areas have seen a decline, others have shown significant growth. The entire Maui region, on the whole, has exhibited a positive trend, but challenges like high home prices and interest rates are impacting buyer behavior and overall sales volume.


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